Annecy International Animated Film Festival & Market/MIFA announced at their 2019 event that Africa will be the territory of honour in 2020 parallel to the Africa 2020 Creative Season.

Please join us on the DISCOMICS Pavilion for a presentation on some of the planned activities at Annecy 2020 and a Q&A session.

Venue: DISCOMICS Pavilion, DISCOP Johannesburg, Sandton Convention Centre
Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2019
Time: 10:00AM – 11:30AM

Véronique ENCRENAZ, Head of MIFA
Mickaël MARIN, CEO of Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market/MIFA
Nick WILSON, Head of Projects & Content, African Animation Network
Animation du Monde / ICON Deadline Extension / First Judge & Mentor Announced

Animation du Monde / ICON Deadline Extension / First Judge & Mentor Announced

Animation du Monde / ICON Deadline Extension / First Judge & Mentor Announced!

During a press conference on Monday, 15 April in Paris, Annecy Int. Animated Film Fest’ & Market/MIFA announced their exciting animation film line-up whilst also welcoming Nora Twomey as MIFA Campusfirst female patron. Twomey, a partner at Cartoon Saloon, directed the critically acclaimed The Breadwinner.

The MIFA Campus is an exciting opportunity for students and professionals from around the world to meet with recruiters, attend various master-classes and discuss initiatives and schemes in the animation industry.  As a custodian of the Animation du Monde brand in Africa, the African Animation Network (AAN) are proud to be associated with an organisation that places such great importance on empowerment, a cornerstone of AAN’s mandate as a social enterprise.


African animators are therefore invited to take part in the first preliminary round of the Pan-African Animation du Monde pitch season that will take place at ICON Comics & Games Convention (ICON CGC) from the 20th to the 22nd of April at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The deadline for project registrations have been extended.  Contestants have until the 18th of April (8AM CAT) to submit their project and can do so by clicking HERE

Video pitches will be accepted for those not able to attend the preliminary regional round at ICON CGC however, candidates who are able to attend the event will be given preference.  The competition regulations can be viewed HERE.

AAN have also assembled an exciting panel of international judges & mentors for this year’s Animation du Monde Continental Final that will take place at DISCOP Johannesburg in November 2019.


The first of the judges & mentors to be announced is Rathan Sam George (Chief Operating Officer, Toonz Media Group), who has the following to say of his involvement; “We at Toonz Media Group produce over 10,000 minutes of animation a year and have recently seen the raw potential of African creators. Partnering with AAN has created opportunities for us to share our knowledge, as well as reach out to these creatives in a way that will grow the animation industry locally. I am personally excited to find co-production and IP investment opportunities in Africa”.


DISCOMICS IQEMBU: AFRICA to service GLOBAL animation industry

DISCOMICS IQEMBU: AFRICA to service GLOBAL animation industry


DISCOMICS founders; African Animation Network (AAN) & DISCOP Markets announced at a press conference at the recent DISCOP Joburg event, the official launch of DISCOMICS IQEMBU.



AAN’s core mission is to create a sustainable African animation industry and central to achieving this goal is industry related education. Through its work across the continent over a number of years, AAN has established a Pan-African partner network of national animation associations, animation festivals and pop culture events that now includes (subsequent to an equity investment made by DISCOMICS) the 3 longest-running comic conventions in Africa; Nairobi Comic Con in Kenya, ICON Comic & Games Convention in South Africa and Lagos Comic Con in Nigeria.

DISCOMICS African Footprint


Based on this inclusive network and DISCOP’s footprint of markets across the continent, DISCOMICS IQEMBU, with the support of key international industry partners, including; Toonz Media Group, Baboon Animation and Toon Boom Animation; will drive a 3-pronged strategy forward.

The 3-pronged strategy announced last week includes the following:

  1. DISCOMICS FUKAMELAincubate in isiZulu
  2. DISCOMICS SHESHISAaccelerate in isiZulu
  3. DISCOMICS IQEMBUcluster or group in isiZulu



Based in India, Toonz Media Group is a global leader in animation production producing over 10,000 mins of animation per yearBaboon Animation, based in New York, is a world leading animation IP development team having created Emmy Award Winning and Oscar nominated writing, directing, and design for over two decades. Toon Boom Animation, based in Canada, is the leading 2D animation software service provider in the world today.

AAN will co-develop animation production curricula, including a TOONZ ANIMATION FUKAMELA, and a specialised animation writing curriculum, a BABOON ANIMATION FUKAMELA. When the partners are happy with the quality of the work produced, roughly after six months, the TOONZ ANIMATION SHESHISA and BABOON ANIMATION SHESHISA will launch. Both Toonz Media Group and Baboon Animation will supply service work to sustain the talent pool, pipeline and infrastructure.

In partnership with Toon Boom Animation, AAN will co-develop a specialised 2D animation curriculum, a TOON BOOM FUKAMELA. Inclusive of the TOON BOOM FUKAMELA will be training for the creative leads/trainers.  Once these creative leads have finished their training, the TOON BOOM SHESHISA will launch, an internationally accredited TOON BOOM CENTER OF EXCELLENCE.




FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Nick Wilson (Head of Projects & Content AAN & Co-founder DISCOMICS), Rathan Sam George (Director of Operations Toonz Media Group), Tim Mangwedi (Director, DISCOP Africa), Harry Ravelomanantsoa (Toon Boom Representative & Sales agent – Middle East & Africa), Mike de Seve (Creative Director Baboon Animation)


NICK WILSON HEAD OF PROJECTS AND CONTENT AANIndia is arguably the global leader in animation production and we can think of no better partner than Toonz Media Group.“ Nick Wilson, Head of Projects and Content at AAN and co-founder of DISCOMICS, says; “Furthermore, North America, and particularly the US, has been at the forefront of animation IP development since the inception of the animation industry.  The plethora of Emmy Awards and Oscar nominations that the Baboon Animation team has been responsible for clearly illustrates that.  And, having a global leading technology partner like Toon Boom, ensures we work to the highest global standards.  We’re exceptionally proud to have these 3 partners in the DISCOMICS IQEMBU. The long-term future of African animation looks exceedingly healthy.”


Mike de Seve, Creative Director of Baboon Animation has this to say of the partnership; “Many regions have built thriving animation industries starting with service work– later growing to be true creative voices in the world market. Over the years we’ve watched it happen in Japan, Korea, India and more recently China. African countries can be next: its talent pool is immense, and its vision unique.  Baboon is thrilled and honored to be here at the beginning of this amazing adventure!”


Toonz Media Group is excited to start this journey with Africa. As the industry on the continent grows, it will become capable of sustaining itself. Education has been a cornerstone in our strategy in India to grow our own industry. Investing into the local talent pool through developing a curriculum is just as important to developing the African animation industry.“ says P. Jayakumar, CEO of Toonz Media Group.

FRANCOIS_LALONDEToon Boom has, for many years, been looking at opportunities to grow its market share in Africa”, says Francois Lalonde, VP Sales and Marketing, Co-President of Toon Boom Animation Inc.; “We know of the huge creative talent pool on the continent and we’ve been trying to tailor our strategy around the unique requirements of the African animation industry. This partnership with DISCOP, AAN, Toonz Media Group and Baboon Animation is extremely exciting on many levels for Toon Boom as it is directly aligned with our vision in Africa.”

Patrick Zuchowicki, CEO of DISCOP Markets is equally optimistic about the future of animation on the continent; “AAN and DISCOP have worked tirelessly to bring together global market leaders for its DISCOMICS IQEMBU initiative.  We’ve done extensive research into global trends in animation production and consumption to bring together global leaders in a best-of-breed solution and we are confident of the continued growth of this sector in Africa where over 60% of the population is under the age of 35.  There is an incredible opportunity for significant job creation across the continent through DISCOMICS IQEMBU.”


For more information:


Attention: Studios – DISCOMICS Joburg

Attention: Studios – DISCOMICS Joburg

African comic book, game development and animation studios are invited to take part in the Johannesburg edition of the DISCOP content, adaptation right and project market slated from 14 to 16 November – and join the DISCOMICS Joburg umbrella.


Taking advantage of Africa’s incredible reservoir of comic books, animation and video-gaming talents, the African Animation Network and the organizers of the DISCOP Markets have recently launched a new initiative, DISCOMICS, to bring these talents under the sight of international buyers and producers.

Twenty creators, graphic artistsgame developers and animators will be offered the possibility to attend DISCOP Johannesburg 2018 and enjoy VIP privileges throughout the 3-day market as well as the following complimentary benefits:

Each DISCOMICS talent will also have the opportunity to:

  1. Make a 5-minute presentation during the DISCOMICS TALENT SHOWCASE to be held in front of key players seeking fresh talent and influencing production and programming decisions.
  2. Have a short form animation included in FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL which will be screening at the Joburg Film Festival and touring Africa in 2019
  3. Have a non-exclusive SVOD license for inclusion in the African Animation Network bouquet on MTN Shortz which is live in South Africa and will be expanding into other African countries in the near future

1500+ delegates driving content acquisition, production and sales business in Sub-Saharan Africa are expected to take part in a market specifically tailored to meet the demand of a rapidly changing audiovisual landscape under the influence of a marked preference for home-grown content, the emergence of local talents, viewers’ migration to mobile screens and faster and cheaper internet.

400+ independent producers and global distributors will also attend the 3-day market with finished content, adaptation rights, works in progress and projects in development, as well as 350+ acquisition executives representing broadcasters, premium cable channels, mobile operators and streaming platforms servicing Sub-Saharan Africa.

Open to up-and-coming talents from all over Africa, the DISCOMICS offer – which aims to identify, grow and support a pipeline of talented creators– is only valid until Friday 12 October. Please respond immediately to for further details and receive our DISCOMICS PROMO CODE and further instructions.

For more information contact:

DISCOP | | TEL + 1 323 782 13 00
African Animation Network |




African Animation Network partners with Joburg Film Festival for FUPiTOONS FESTIVAL 2018.

– FUPI: Swahili, adjective; meaning: “SHORT”

FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL 2018 - Poster design by Comfort Arthur

FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL 2018 – Poster design by Comfort Arthur

Africa’s first- Made in Africa for Kidsanimation short film festivalFUPiTOONS FESTiVAL returns in 2018 presented by the African Animation Network (AAN) in partnership with the Joburg Film Festival (JFF).  The second edition of FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL will be screened at Cinema Nouveau Rosebank during JFF and will tour Africa in 2019.  The first edition of FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL (2017) will have toured 9 events across the continent by the end of October 2018.

According to Nick Wilson, Head of Projects & Content at AAN; “The aim of FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL is twofold; firstly, we’re creating a platform for African animation to be celebrated and, secondly, we’re attempting to develop audience for African animated content across the continent.  We have strategically partnered with JFF to screen during their festival to reach a wider cinema going audience and furthermore, with JFF running parallel to DISCOP Markets, we’re targeting key decision makers in African broadcasting.  Thereafter, in 2019, FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL will tour across our partner footprint in Africa owing to the resounding success of the 2018 tour.”

“We’re excited to place a focus on animation at this year’s edition of JFF” continued, Tim Mangwedi, Producer of JFF.  “FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL is a great initiative and we’re looking forward to creating a platform for African animation within the wider narrative of a film festival“.

Joburg Film Festival

Award winning animation director and Festival Director of FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL, Comfort Arthur of Ghana, had the following to say; “Africa is rich in talent and creativity.  Unfortunately, owing to financial constraints, the bulk of African animation is short-form.  Thus, having a platform like FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL is invaluable for animators around the continent, to be celebrated and for their creations to reach audiences.”

FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL is looking for the best African animated short-form content aimed at audiences 2 to 12 years to be part of a 1 hour screening.  Closing date for submissions: 12th October, 2018.